We are a mom and son who frequently heard about all the adventurous, fun, educational, enlightening activities in Pullman and Moscow AFTER they had already occurred.  Trying to keep up with all the various lists, posts and calendars was just more than we could manage so we decided to solve our problem.

We wanted to create an event board that would consolidate everything happening in our region into one inviting site that was easy to use for both viewers and venues; and we think this board meets that goal.

Be sure to check out the Venues/Tags tab.  Here is the place for local businesses and organizations to post an individualized calendar of their own classes, events, concerts and happenings so that everyone can easily access the information, anytime. 

Finally, on the Palouse, we have so many wonderful local goods and services available to us, and we want everyone to know it!  This site offers local businesses, producers, crafts people and professionals an opportunity to communicate effectively with their neighbors.  Venue pages, iFrames, and ads will will help you find what you want.

We hope you enjoy Moscow Pullman Event Board, bookmark it, share it with friends, and use it often!

Our Header imagine is provided by talented, local Palouse photographer Alison Meyer.  You can find her at http://alisonmeyerphotography.com/ or at the Moscow Farmers Market.