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I don't see the programs xxxx (deleted organization name) offers on here. They have a lot events, why aren't they posted?

The short answer is because they don't submit their events for posting. When we first launched the calendar, we front-loaded all the events we could find for the next three months so everyone could see them and learn how to use the calendar. After we did that, we contacted every business and organization with a posted event, sent them a link, and explained how to post their events. We have subsequently sent reminder emails. Many organizations and businesses picked up the ball and ran with it, and some did not; and some weren't captured in our 3-month net so may not have heard about us. If you'd like to see listings for events not posted here, please contact the organizers and share your thoughts.

My event happens every month (or week). Do I have to re-submit a post for each occurrence?

If you have re-occurring events, classes, meetings or other happenings, a Venue Page will best meet your needs. Please contact us to learn more.

I just submitted an event. Why don't I see it on the site?

After and event is submitted, we must review it before it goes live. You can expect this process will take 24-48 hours.

Can anyone post an event?

Yes. Simply click on "Submit An Event" and complete empty fields as directed. If you have problems, you may send us a message on Contact Us page.